Real Homeshare Stories

Here are some case studies from real Homeshare matches who are happy to share their experiences and stories. Thank you to our Network members and their participants for sharing these with us.

If you are interested in Homesharing, find a local Homeshare provider and make enquiries.

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Gretta and Rick

Gretta, 90 and Rick, 66 were matched by Two Generations. Gretta recently had a fall and she wanted someone in the home with her.

Read Gretta and Rick’s story

Ann and Sophie

Homeshare Gloucestershire and their Homeshare match Ann and Sophie feature on BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

Householder Ann always had a dog throughout her life, but once her husband passed away, she was not able to look after one alone. Luckily a suitable match was found – Sophie – who owns a dog named Prince. Listen to learn more about the Homeshare matching process.

The Joy of Homesharing – Sylvia and Olivia

Homeshare Living match Sylvia and Olivia discuss their benefits of Homesharing. Olivia provides 10 hours of practical support each week in return for sharing Sylvia’s home and they both benefit from the companionship.

“The older generation can teach us as much as we can teach them, and Homesharing is a great opportunity for that.”

Judith and Jennifer

After Jennifer was diagnosed with Dementia,  the council arranged for carers to come in twice a day, but she didn’t feel like she needed carers; that wasn’t really the sort of help she needed – she actually needed a little practical help and most of all, companionship. Share and Care Homeshare find Judith to live with her at home.

having a Sharer was a very welcome solution for that year of Mum’s life. I was reassured by the way Judith and my Mum built up a relationship. Judith was very artistic and they would do painting together. Judith also played the recorder and she and my Mum could really share the music together says daughter, Jo

Judith and Jennifer’s story 

Anna and Valerie*

Anna has vascular dementia. Her niece who is her next of kin and lives over four hours’ drive away. They looked at a flat with a warden but she really didn’t want to move. They were signposted to Share and Care Homeshare who found Valerie. to move in. Anna took to Valerie straightaway and enjoyed having someone to share the house with.

*Names have been changed

Anna and Valerie’s story 

Julia and Celene*

Julia 63, was suffering with anxiety and panic attacks in the night, an ongoing condition heightened by the stress and loneliness of the pandemic. Two Generations matched her with Celene a professional nurse with mental health experience.

*Names have been changed

Read thier story here

We’re an unrelated multi-generation household and it’s bringing out the best in all of us

Sheila lives in Cheltenham and Shares her home with Emma and her two grown up daughters and her dog Tilly. They all look out for Sheila and have been able to relocate and settle in Cheltenham from Spain as a family because of Homeshare. They were matched by Homeshare Gloucestershire

Read their story here

Emma’s Speech

Emma, who features in the above story is a Homeshare Ambassador and recently spoke at the Shared Lives Plus conference about her Homeshare experience and how it enabled her and her family to relocate back to the United Kingdom from Spain. Listen to the youtube clip of her speech introduced by Alex Fox CEO of Shared Lives Plus.

Cecil and Rebekah on ITV

“Since my wife died I was alone most of the day. It is good to have someone to chat to; an adult to gossip with!”

ITV regional news made a series on how communities are coming together to help some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Social affairs correspondent Christine Alsford went to Kent to meet with  Householder Cecil Humphery-Smith, aged 90, his Homesharer Rebekah Tate and Rebecca Odelowo of Lightshare Homeshare.

Watch the film to hear this lovely story and find out more about how Homeshare is supporting people to stay independent at home.

Alan and Ezra

A Homeshare Oxford match brings together Ezra, working in research at the Physics Department of Oxford University and Alan, a retired University librarian.

Read their story here

Independence at home: Geoff and Sarah

Geoff’s sister contacted Supportmatch Homeshare Service after they lost their mother who was looking after him. Geoff has Down’s Syndrome and even though he was independent, he was worried about living alone after his mother passed away. Geoff was matched with Homesharer, Sarah, a music teacher. 

Read their story here

A love of music and scrabble: Margaret and Holly

Holly is Margaret’s second Homesharer with Leeds Homeshare. Holly who is 21 and studying music at the Arts University. Margaret loves music too and after her first sharer Jon, left when he graduated she was keen to continue having company at home 

Read their story here