Joining the HomeshareUK programmes network

Join the Homeshare UK Programmes Network

Our programmes membership is open to organisations who deliver Homeshare programmes, organisations or individuals looking to develop Homeshare and wider stakeholders wanting to keep in touch with the Homeshare UK community. 


Membership benefits:


  • Start up support and one day of consultancy (year 1 only)
  • Ongoing support from the Shared Lives Plus Homeshare Team (which is subject to ‘fair usage’)
  • Dedicated links to your organisation on the Homeshare website
  • Access to the Homeshare UK Quality Assurance Framework and demonstrate the good practice being delivered by your scheme
  • Access to the Homeshare UK Good Practice Guide
  • Regular news related to Homeshare, delivery of good practice, updates on policy and funding.
  • Access to network meetings, annual conference and training events
  • Access to the Shared Lives Plus Homeshare network forum which enable members to contact each other and Shared Lives Plus staff easily
  • Members only resource library that holds key pieces of research, quality assurance information and draft documents that will support delivery of your Homeshare service
  • The opportunity to contribute to national reports and research
  • A collective voice with local, regional and national decision makers
  • Ongoing awareness raising of Homeshare and communications support

Membership Fees

Initial Joining Fee (Year 1 only)

From April 2022

£1,071 for charities and CICs

£1,197 for Local Authorities


Ongoing yearly membership

From April 2022

£191.50 for charities and CICs

£318 for Local Authorities



Further Information

Find out more about the characteristics of Homeshare and how our network operates and download and application form:

Homeshare UK Values, Code of Conduct and Compliance

Homeshare UK Network Membership Application Form

Joining the Homeshare UK Programmes Network can provide you with support from Homeshare UK for your Homeshare business and become part of a community  of Homeshare practitioners.

We always want to hear from people thinking about starting a Homeshare organisation

Contact Deborah Fox on or Jo Mountfort

Homeshare UK can also provide bespoke advice and support to anyone starting out or looking to develop and grow a Homeshare service.

Look at our Strategic Advice and Support pages or email us at for more information

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