Homeshare Strategic Advice and Support

The Homeshare Team can provide strategic advice and support to organisations operating in the non-profit, public and private sector to support Homeshare start up and development.

Our services reflect the good practice outlined in the Homeshare Good Practice Guide and the National Quality Assurance Framework, both of which are maintained and updated with input from government and national partners.

Who we are

We are HomeshareUK part of Shared Lives Plus.

Our expertise draws on our UK-wide membership of virtually every Homeshare programme in the country. We are the trusted partner of government and the regulators, who draw on our materials in inspections. Our goal is to find great ways for many more people to share their homes and lives. We constantly develop and update a complete set of guidance, policies and national datasets which cover every aspect of delivering Homeshare safely and well. We also support council and NHS commissioners to develop their local provision and organisations who are considering developing Homeshare for the first time.

Our team includes:

  • Our widely-published CEO, Alex Fox FRSA, who has prominent leadership roles with the Think Local, Act Personal partnership and NHS England’s Integrated Personal Commissioning board.
  • Our Homeshare Staff Team who have worked extensively with organisations and individuals to support the start up and development of new schemes.
  • Our team of freelance consultants with experience of Homeshare delivery.

We are unique. We are the only national charity and membership body for the Homeshare sector. We are values-led and always focus on sustainably improving the quality, effectiveness and reach of the sector.

Opportunities for Homeshare in your area

Homeshare tackles two challenges through one intergenerational approach:

  • Older people gain companionship and low level support
  • Carefully vetted and selected sharers find somewhere affordable to live
  • The local scheme supports participants to form long-lasting matches, putting in place the safeguarding and support needed for this to work well
  • Local programmes aim to be self-sustaining through participants’ charges

Our services

We can help you with:

  • scoping the requirements of a new Homeshare Scheme including; feasibility study, consultation and research with key stakeholders and business planning
  • training covering key policy and practice areas
  • process and resource design including safeguarding, monitoring, data collection, outcome monitoring and design of key forms.
  • developing a plan and evaluation framework
  • an independent process and impact evaluation
  • recruitment and selection of staff
  • writing bids and business proposals
  • developing a framework for commissioning a Homeshare service

Our costs

Our strategic advice and support is typically charged at a day rate which starts at £600 per day (inclusive of VAT), depending on the staff involved.

For more information about our services please see our strategic advice and support offer or please contact us via email or telephone.


Meet the team

Find out more about the Homeshare UK team.